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Testing and verifying ARINC 661 Display Systems is non trivial,  UA Emulator (UAM) is designed specifically to address this problem.


The intuitive user interface makes detailed and thorough testing of ARINC 661 systems simple to do without the need to write code.


Tool Mission:

To support ARINC 661 system development, by minimising the effort required to build, edit and understand ARINC 661 protocol messages.  Reducing the time and skill level necessary to develop, test, fault-find and demonstrate display systems.

Features for CDS developers:

  • Easy-to-Use user interface – build messages quickly and accurately,

  • Message auto-complete – concentrate on the data of interest as headers, footers, identifiers, etc. are filled in for you,

  • Selectable widget instances and properties – use mouse to select message target, identifiers filled in automatically without referring back to documentation,

  • Smart Value Editors – the most appropriate editor for the type of data being edited is automatically provided - including enumerated choices,

  • Quickly build message scenarios to analyse how the CDS will look when it is being driven,

  • ARINC 661 protocol knowledge only needed for advanced testing.

Features for Test Engineers:

  • Intuitive user interaces makes it easy to build test messages – without learning ARINC 661 protocol first,

  • Build scenarios – sequences of messages that can be saved and replayed,

  • Save traffic history in comparable format,

  • Copy and paste message bytes,

  • Simulate multiple User Applications,

  • Simulate a CDS to test a User Application.

Features for software /system integrators:

  • Simulate any equipment ARINC 661 Message, e.g. when real equipment or CDS is not available,

  • Test at the desk – reduces rig-time requirements,

  • Analyse ARINC 661 message traffic logs – detect software faults without writing special message analysis code,

  • Playback message sequences – repeat what happened at real time, in a test environment,

  • Extensible, cater for messages sent outside the ARINC 661 protocol.

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Key Facts

UA Emulator applies to early prototyping, ARINC 661 Training, embedded systems development, regression and certification testing, deployed system problem solving

  • UA Emulator is for the entire development lifecycle.

  • Licenses can be shared by different development disciplines.

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Got a Messaging Problem? Writing too much code just to test? ARINC 661 Messaging seeming like a black art?

Take a look at our getting started and more advanced help topics, to see just how easy it is to get to grips with ARINC 661 problems once you have UA Emulator at your fingertips: