COTS ARINC 661 CDS & UA Development Tool Suite


VAPS-XT 661 from Presagis is the COTS tool for Cockpit Display System widget and layer development, solving the key challenges of ARINC 661 display design:

  • Faster Compliant Displays – demonstrable displays in minutes utilising out of the box widgets

  • Fully Customizable - add new widgets and styles that conform to the standard

  • Automated Binary Definition Creation – shorter development time with error protection

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User Application Accelerator (UA2) is a COTS tool which addresses the key challenges for systems and software developers interacting with ARINC 661 displays:

  • Rapid Development Environment, integrating with your preferred modelling tool

  • Control ARINC 661 displays with “System” data values and units

  • Reduced time to market with improved user interface consistency

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UA Emulator

User Application Emulator (UAM) is the COTS tool to prove the design of ARINC 661 Widgets, Layers, and Communications.

  • Easy-to-use yet powerful ARINC 661 Message editor

  • ARINC 661 Protocol validity checking

  • Repeatable test scenarios based on messages without coding

  • Analyse ARINC 661 message traffic

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