UA² - COTS User Application Development Tool

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There are many pitfalls when developing systems that interact with ARINC 661 displays. Problems are seldom trivial and can quickly lead to complex and costly bespoke solutions where system features become compromised. UA Squared is a development tool targeted specifically at the interaction between systems and ARINC 661 displays, accelerating development, reducing costs and technical risk.


Tool Mission:

Provide an environment that enables the development of a system’s interaction with ARINC 661 displays to be developed quickly, consistently and accurately, maximising the use of existing core system software development process and tools.


Features for Software Developers:

  • Import / Synchronisation of CDS Layer and Widget Designs – tie system code to widget representations, removing the need to maintain knowledge of widget identifiers,

  • Build re-usable components for display control, without writing any code,

  • Use widget behaviour definitions to quickly control interaction with an ARINC 661 display,

  • Integrates into your preferred software development tool – accelerating development time,

  • Code Generation – fewer errors, reduced certification time.

Features for Human Factors Experts:

  • Provides reusable format conversion and widget behaviour specifications – helps to enforce user interface consistency, simplifies the development of a “Style-Guide”,

  • Features for Simulation / Research and Development Teams,

  • Rapid prototyping is possible, with minimal ARINC 661 expertise,

  • Make and see effect of design changes quickly, without editing code,

  • Drive the CDS with test harness and “real world” system data, show dynamic behaviour without reliance on the real equipment.

Features for Program Management:

  • Accelerates the development of User Applications,

  • Simplifies supporting multiple display targets with a common core-system,

  • Reduced reliance on ARINC 661 expertise,

  • De-risk user interfaces quickly, simplifies the sharing of ideas and process across teams,

  • Simplifies system integration activities, especially for projects with distributed development teams,

  • Integrates into existing core-system development tools and process.

Key Facts

  • UA2 is part of the ARINC 661 Tool Suite , it is supported by our first-class worldwide sales and technical support team Presagis.  Take the next steps to accelerate development, and reduce your costs and technical risk... Find out more about product evaluation and demonstration.

  • UA2 is designed to augment your existing tool-set and software development processes, without requiring fundamental changes or a steep learning curve, eliminating the common concerns around the adoption of a new tool.

  • Take a look at our articles, request a web-ex or arrange to see us at a trade show near you, Contact Us to make an appointment or to start a conversation to find out more.

UA Squared ARINC 661 development within existing system software design process and tool suite.

UA2 is designed to sit within your existing system software development process and tool-suite

  • Small learning curve,
  • Virtually no need to rework existing / legacy development,
  • Get started and see results quickly,
  • Maximises existing investment in your greatest asset - your team,
  • No need to change your preferred modelling tool.

Got a tight deadline?  Lots of new team members? Or both?

Get professional training to make the most of UA² and develop User Applications more accurately and faster than ever before.