UA² Works With Your Software Development Lifecycle

User Application Accelerator (AKA UA Squared) logo, Trade Mark Protected.

When systems need to interact with ARINC 661 displays, the systems are required to “speak” ARINC 661.  UA2 works alongside established software development processes to enable the development of this interaction without the need for systems to become tightly coupled with ARINC 661 concerns.


Software Lifecycle with UA Squared Q & A

Q. Does UA Squared follow industry guidelines?

A. Yes! User Application Development with UA Squared ensures the very latest best practice guidance is adopted (Appendix I, ARINC 661 Standard, Supplement 5).


Q. We have an established Software Development process, which is tried and tested, what changes if we adopt UA Squared?

A. Not very much.  UA Squared has virtually no impact on core system software development.


Q. We have carefully selected our software development tools (and invested in training and associated process development), does the addition of UA Squared into our portfolio force other tool changes?

A. UA Squared is unique in the UA development field as it is designed to augment your existing chosen tool-set and not change it.  Currently we have plug-ins for Atego Artisan, IBM Rhapsody.  A plugin for Mathworks Simulink is nearly complete.  If you have a different tool at the heart of your software development process, we will be happy to discuss the creation of a UA Squared Plug-In for you.


Q. We have concerns over the ARINC 661 learning curve, does UA Squared help?

A. Absolutely.  One of UA Squared key principles is to simplify the definition and development of user-interface interaction without compromising on flexibility.  Leaving systems engineers more time to focus on system issues and less on ARINC 661 concerns.


Q. We are considering adding an ARINC 661 user interface to a legacy system, will UA Squared help?

A. Yes, the key principle of splitting system development into two parts (explained below) really helps.


Q. We have a large amount of legacy ARINC 661 interaction code that is becoming unmaintainable, will the adoption of UA Squared help us move to a more sustainable solution?​

A. Yes. UA Squared development is designed to scale across large and complex systems with key principles to help enforce consistency and maintainability.


Key Principle: System is split into a “Core” and a “User Interface” part

With UA Squared system development becomes separated into two parts, visually:

As Per Appendix I of ARINC 661 Standard, system has logical split between core system and user-interface parts.

The logical split enables core system parts to be redeployed to different aircraft variants with different user interface requirements, it also scopes ARINC 661 interaction to a limited area of software impact for certification purposes.