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1. ARINC 661 – An Introduction / Tutorial


Brief introduction into the ARINC 661 standard, including its purpose, benefits, key constituent parts and common pitfalls…

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Articles available right-now (on a request basis):

1. Addressing the Challenges of Developing ARINC 661 User Applications -


Systems with ARINC 661 interfaces seamlessly integrate user-interaction across multiple systems from numerous suppliers in the cockpit.  Software systems no longer provide a user-interface; rather they provide a means to interact with a display system conforming to ARINC 661.  This brings numerous theoretical benefits, including:

Reduced total system development and through-life cost
Simplified management of system change / obsolescence
Enabler for a consistent User Interface across multiple systems / suppliers.


This paper first identifies some of the potential impact in terms of costs and user-interface experience when the ARINC 661 standard is applied.


Key User-Application architecture considerations are then outlined, to enable the benefits of ARINC 661 to be realised, whilst ensuring that the software that drives ARINC 661 displays overcomes common pitfalls, including:

  • Complexity leading to System and user-interface real-time interaction becoming non deterministic (and non certifiable)
  • Tight coupling of application logic to ARINC 661 requirements, preventing re-use across programmes
  • Code bloat and associated cost escalation

Articles comming soon:

1. The 10 things every project should include in their ARINC 661 "Style Guide".

2. Model Based Development for ARINC 661 Applications.

3. Introduction to "Abstraction" techniques for ARINC 661 User Application Development.